Ok, so today is the day I start to blog…

Already felling guilty that I have spent much time today setting up this blog page! Little Bear signed on for his online school at 9.30am but soon became distracted. Kept coming into my office and doing little things to get my attention. Every time he was asked to go and sit in his lesson he would do the customary moaning groaning and door slamming. In his break all was quiet, I expect he was YouTube-ing something? There are rules as to what he can watch and he knows that I randomly check this so hopefully nothing too sinister today. Second lesson starts, he is at his desk, good sign. This lasted for about 10 mins! He then came and complained about a particular class mate, one which is frequently at the centre of his disgruntled excuses for not wanting to do class. This morning he was gloating that she had not done her homework and that he had (I say he, mainly me coaxing answers out of him whilst I type). He wanted to show me the conversation in class when she had come up with excuses. This you see, makes him feel at lot better about himself when someone he dislikes is not doing too well. I of course try and point out that maybe she doesn’t have a Mum that is supportive with homework and wondered what would happen if he was left to do it by himself. Lil Bear was not liking this theory at all. He couldn’t find the conversation to show me so by this time he was quite pissed of with me so threw a sweet at his computer. I very shortly after that walked away!

I was then shredding paper in my office, Lil Bear came to see what that “really loud noise” was? I then gave him the job of shredding, he can just about tolerate the noise when he is in control of it. That lasted oh….20 seconds. The shredder jammed (operational user error!) so more door slamming followed. About 10 mins later an apology for the door slamming only to be followed 30seconds later with more door slamming because I had said I didn’t think it was a sensible idea to go on a bike ride which takes him about 3 miles from home.

Door slamming and being sworn at happens with great frequency in this house. At the first utterings of what may be the F-word and the dog takes cover. I hate it but try to reason that it is better than a fist or another broken TV, but still its not what I want to hear or be on the receiving end of. Believe me it is not something he has heard all his life, and he is the first to tut at others use of bad language and when he is in sensible, happy mood he cant even bring himself to say crap, so I guess it is an expression of feeling. It wont ever make me like it!


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