This is me!

I am a single parent to little bear who is diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder although in old money it would be Asperger’s) with Demand Avoidance (Look up PDA Pathological Demand Avoidance). Little bear has just hit his teens and I feel like I have hit the ground running. I home educate little bear because there was nothing else available to allow him to develop into a semi functioning (often brilliant) adult human being. I am also a qualified counsellor which I have been doing for 10 years. I specialise in children and young people and jointly run a counselling service in several schools overseeing a team of counsellors. I also run art classes having originally trained as an illustrator in natural history, sometimes I even find time to paint my own pictures!!!

I have a select amount of support as both my parents have now died. I have brother bear whom lives in an annex attached to the house because he had a serious stroke a few years ago, so in effect I am his primary carer, although he does get external help. In terms of baby sitters / child minders and offers of sleep overs, if you parent of a child on the spectrum you will know that this is not often an option.

So you see my life is quite full at the moment and can sometimes (at least once a day) become extremely stressful, and yes I practice meditation, mindfulness, self reflection, exercise and a relatively good diet, before you kindly suggest. I have tried my hardest at parenting my son alone and sometimes have really messed up, but mainly got it ok. Something a year a I would not have been saying, before his diagnosis I was judged on my parenting, being a single mother and he being an only child, like I chose any of those routes willingly anyway? I still mess up, daily, I still shout when I should remain calm and sometimes I say stuff that makes me want to report myself to social care, let alone anyone that may have witnessed my own little meltdowns. That in itself is another story of my own neurological pathway….

Anyway, WELCOME x


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